2 Important Factors to Consider When Choosing Bathroom Mirrors

If you're looking for a bathroom mirror, you have a host of options in design, size and framing. You can choose a mirror that best reflects your style and merges well with other design elements in the room. The following information highlights the two most important decisions you'll need to make before choosing any mirror.


The size of your mirror will dramatically impact an occupant's perception of the space. You can have one large mirror installed across one wall, or choose two or more smaller mirrors. However, you must never sacrifice utility for design. The following are some things to think about:

  1. The vanity – typically, the mirror ought to be a few inches smaller than the vanity, including the frame. If you have two vanities, equally divide the wall space between the two vanities, then allow a few inches from the edge of the vanity to the edge of the mirror frame.

  2. Lighting – take the measurements between the vanity base and any existing lights. You can leave a gap between the top of the mirror and lighting level, or have them at the same level.

  3. Sinks – to reduce water splashing, there should be some space from the sink/vanity to the mirror. However, this should also be guided by your occupants' heights.

  4. Windows – the mirror should be large enough to reflect an adjacent window without being longer than your vanity. This will dramatically improve the natural lighting in the space.

  5. Frame – the frame must be considered as part of the final mirror size, including the amount of mirror space you prefer to have. This is more important if you're installing double mirrors; most people opt for simple frames or frameless mirrors to save space.

You can cut paper replicas of your ideal mirrors and tape them to the wall where your mirror(s) would ideally sit. This allows you to visualize what the mirrors would look like before making an order.


Mirrors are more than just their practical use; they can help transform the appeal of your entire space. These are design elements to consider:

  1. Creating illusions – if you have a small bathroom, consider going for a frameless, wall-to-wall mirror which will increase the space perception. This is also useful for darker bathrooms or rooms with recessed vanity walls. Avoid ornate, fancy borders, which can clutter a small space. Simple frames should be used if needed.

  2. Style – clear-cut, sharp edges can make the space seem impersonal, particularly if all other elements are straight-cut. If so, consider curvy mirrors which can soften the stark corners/edges in the rest of the space.

  3. Utility – if you still want a medicine cabinet behind your mirror, you can play with a few design options, instead of the standard rectangular or square-shaped mirror. However, consider installing a lockable drawer on your vanity for medicines to allow you more wiggle room with your bathroom mirror shapes.

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