Two reasons not to delay the repair of a small chip in your shopfront's window

If your shopfront's window pane has a small chip in it, you should not delay calling a shop glass repair specialist, in spite of the chip's modest size. Here are two reasons why.

It Could Lead to the Entire Shop Window Shattering 

If you don't get this chip in your shopfront window repaired promptly, the entire pane might shatter. The reason for this is that a chip can compromise a whole windowpane's structural soundness. If for example, the area that is chipped gets struck again (either deliberately, by a vandal, or accidentally, by a passerby who bumps into it) the chip could quickly become a crack that could expand and cause the whole pane to break.

This could cause several issues; firstly, if this occurs after you've closed your shop for the day, a thief could easily remove parts of the broken window, make their way into your premises and steal some inventory. Even if no one takes advantage of this route of entry, any inventory you have displayed in your shopfront window could get ruined due to being exposed to, for example, rain or wind.

Additionally, if as mentioned above, a passerby bumps into the chipped window and it shatters, they could get hurt by the broken glass. Last but not least, whilst a shop glass repair specialist might be able to patch up this chip with some transparent epoxy resin (which would be a very quick and affordable process), any further damage, caused by the postponement of the chip's repair, might lead to them having to either do far more extensive and costly repairs that could take much longer or it might lead to them having to replace the whole window.

It Might Put Passersby off Going Into Your Shop

Another reason to contact a shop glass repair person right away when you notice this chip is that it could put passersby off the idea of going into your shop. This is because the condition of your shopfront window sends a message to people about your business; if it has a chip in it that is visible to those who walk by, they might assume that the shop isn't well maintained, which might then lead them to assume that its inventory isn't taken care of, either.

This could result in people who would have otherwise considered buying something from the shop deciding not to and shopping with a local competitor of yours instead. Given this, if you don't want to miss out on potential sales generated by passersby deciding to spontaneously pop into your premises, you should get this chip fixed as fast as you can.

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