How Glass Experts Will Install Top-Notch Shower Screens for You

Frameless glass panels are increasingly becoming a trendy, functional and décor choice for many people. Thanks to their versatility, they are ideal for all types of bathrooms, from tiny apartment bathrooms to large executive bathrooms. Their primary purpose is to provide a splash-free bathroom and even provide privacy. 

They are becoming increasingly popular in modern homes since they create the partition your bathroom needs without interfering with light flow. They introduce an unmatched elegance to your space while increasing the airy and spacious feeling.

That said, you want to understand the basic procedures of installation to help you know what to expect and gauge the quality of services provided by your contractor. Take a look at these three main steps a professional will follow when fitting and installing a shower screen.

Setting and Applying the Brackets

The quality and durability of your shower screens heavily depend on the strength of the brackets used for support. Strong, quality brackets will hold the shower screen in place for years to come without the need for replacement. Before the installation, you should ask your supplier for the best brackets available based on other consumers' reviews and satisfaction rates. 

Also, make sure to choose finishes and materials that will give you long-lasting service. Remember that the bathroom is a moist environment, and as such, you must choose materials that will not corrode easily and are not susceptible to rust. You can opt for corrosion-resistant stainless-steel brackets. 

Panel Installation

The next step in the process is fitting the panel to a stationary anchor that will support the glass screens. The professional will install and retain the panel in place using a rubber seal and use the brackets to tighten the grip on the bathroom wall. 

A good rule of thumb is to wear rubber gloves in this step to protect your hands when lifting the glass. After installing the panel, make sure to seal the gap to create a watertight barrier.

Installing the Frameless Door Panel

The last step in the process is attaching the swinging frameless door panel into place. You will secure the hinges already fitted to the recesses to the panel. Check to make sure you have an even finish before tightening the screws.

Done right, nothing beats a shower enclosed with glass screens, and although the process is straightforward enough for a DIY project, it best to leave it to the pros for excellent results. They offer a flawless installation, and you can rest easy knowing you are guaranteed maximum safety.

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