Why Install a Fixed and Folding Bath Screen?

If you're installing a new bath with a shower over it, then you need a screen to keep shower water in the bath area. You can opt for a fixed screen that attaches to the wall and the bath. Or, you can choose a door screen that attaches to the wall, but that opens and closes.

These are not your only choices, however. Some bath screens are both fixed and openable. How do fixed and folding screens work, and why should you consider this option?

What Is a Fixed and Folding Bath Screen? 

Fixed and folding bath screens typically have two glass panels that attach together. The part nearest the wall at the end of the bath is fixed. It doesn't open.

The other panel extends over part of the bath itself away from the showerhead. This part does move. So, you can open this part of the screen, typically in both an inwards and outwards direction.

Why Install a Fixed and Folding Bath Screen?

A screen that combines permanent and movable panels has a mix of benefits. You get protection from the fixed panel and flexibility from the hinged one.

If the panel at the end of your bath is permanently fixed, then it is typically sealed and more watertight. You don't have to worry about water leaking out when you shower. If the panel over this area opens, then it can leak if you don't position it tightly over the side of the bath.

However, a completely fixed screen can feel inflexible. You have to step around the panel to get into your bath or shower. This has some practical downsides.

For example, you'll actually have to get into the bath to turn the shower on; you won't necessarily be able to reach over from the outside. You can't wait for the water to warm up before you get in the shower. You might also have to get inside the bath to clean the inside of the glass.

If you have a small fixed screen attached to one that opens, then you open your bath up. You can reach the shower controls from the outside of the bath, and you can open the movable panel to reach around to clean the fixed one.

To find out more about your options, talk to shower screen suppliers. They can help you find the right solution for your bath and shower.

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