3 Factors to Consider When Buying New Glass for Your Storefront Window Display

The storefront display is one of the first things that people see as they approach your shop; therefore, it is worth putting some thought into the selection process. What's more, windows can make or break your store's security, and the last thing that you need is to make them vulnerable to intruders. This piece will teach you three things that you should consider as you look for quality glass for your window display.

1. Choose sturdy and durable glass

Window displays can be large or small depending on the size of your store. No matter how large they are, they will still cost you a good fortune to put up. Why don't you then choose glass that's sturdy enough to withstand the heavy traffic in and out of your store? People will be touching the glass all day as they look at your merchandise. What's more, debris may also fly around and hit the glass during windy weather.

Go for a window display with more than one layer of glass. It can either be double or triple glazed. The glazing means that two or more sheets of glass are sandwiched together, and these increase the strength of the window. As a result, your storefront display window can last for years without chipping or cracking, which will minimise your need to invest in glass replacement.

2. Think about safety

Accidents are inevitable, and when one occurs, you want to make sure that your window display won't shatter into pieces on the floor, as this can result in injuries. As you choose replacement glass, consider how it behaves after impact. Does it crack and remain in place or does it shatter all over the floor? Glass that can hold in place is the best option to increase safety in your store.

Tempered glass and security glass are the best options on the market today. Tempered glass is designed to crumble after impact. The broken pieces have smooth rather than sharp edges; therefore, they won't pose a safety hazard. Security glass has a laminate that holds the broken pieces together and prevents them from shattering on the floor and injuring clients and workers.

3. Consider energy efficiency

Window displays cover a large portion of your storefront; therefore, they can lead to significant heat losses during the cold season. Prevent this by buying energy-efficient glass. It can either be low-E glass or glazed glass. Both options are excellent in preventing heat loss, and they will keep your heating costs low during the cold months of the year.

Consider these things as you replace the window display for your store. Also, don't hesitate to consult an expert for more insight into some of the best glass options in the market.

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