How to Make a Small Bedroom Look Bigger

When you have a small bedroom, removing furniture from the space to make it look bigger isn't always an option, as many people simply need a dresser and chair in that room! However, there are some other simple tips and tricks you might try that can make your bedroom look bigger, without sacrificing storage or comfort in the space.

Taller curtains

Consider the window treatments you have in your bedroom; if you have blinds or small curtains, these will do virtually nothing to enhance the space. Layering window treatments, such as adding thick curtains on top of blinds, can be attractive, but can also crowd a small room. Instead, choose long, simple curtain panels, and hang the curtain rod well above the actual window. This longer length of curtains can make the window and that wall itself look taller and larger, and simple, flat panels won't crowd the room.

Consider the office area

If your bedroom does double-duty as a home office, consider removing the desk and installing a fold-down shelf as your workspace instead. A shelf that is placed at desk height, and which is deep enough to accommodate a chair underneath, can be attached to the wall with a hinge or two; folding it out of the way when not in use then frees up the floor space. Add shelves going up the wall to hold paperwork, pens, and other supplies that you would normally keep on the desk.

Downsize the headboard

An oversized headboard on the bed can look very attractive, but can also overwhelm a small space. Opt for a headboard that is narrow but very tall instead; this will open the area around the bed, while adding height to the wall.


Mirrors always make a room look larger and brighter, so hang some framed mirrors, or place round frameless mirrors in a grouping like artwork. A tall floor mirror in one corner can also reflect light and make that dark spot look brighter.

Another good choice is to have the front of your bedroom's wardrobe doors mirrored; a glass cutter can cut mirrors to size to fit the doors, and a nice frame around them can be made with moulding, to make the doors look very attractive and not so industrial. You can even add hooks to the front of these mirrors to hang jewellery, ties and scarves, or even your outfit for the next day, helping you to stay organized while also making the bedroom look larger and brighter. 

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