A Few Tips for Updating Your Home's Window Styles

Your home's window styles will affect the overall look of any room or space; undersized windows won't let in enough light to brighten the space, and may seem out of proportion in a large room, as an example. A standard single-hung window can also interfere with your view out the window, as this window will have a frame or sash in the middle of the glass panes. These also may not open far enough for all the air circulation you need in that room. To improve the look of your home, note a few tips for updating your window styles and choices.

Frameless and stationary

A frameless, stationary window that doesn't open can be good for very large rooms and large walls. The frameless design allows for an unobscured view to the outside, and a stationary window is best for larger spaces, as you don't need to manage the weight of that window when opening or closing it. This type of window can also be good for areas where you want more light but wouldn't be able to reach a window to open or close it, such as over a bathtub, over some built-in shelves along one wall, or behind your kitchen's sink and stovetop.


Since glass can be cut into just about any shape, as can the building materials of a home's exterior wall, you might consider an arched or curved window. The curved shape at the top of the window can be very unique and works well if you have lots of rounded accessories in the room. Peaked or pointed windows can also offer that distinct visual style, drawing the eyes up and making a window look taller and larger.

Leaded or etched glass

If you want some privacy in the home but don't want to use window treatments to actually cover the windows, you might choose leaded or etched glass. Leaded glass will be thicker and a bit obscured because of the lead added to the glass panes, and etched glass will have a design carved into its surface. These choices make it more difficult to see through the windows, but they both still allow in lots of light. You can then forego curtains, blinds, or shades, and have privacy in the home but without having to block off the windows completely. These types of windows can also seem very classic, so they might work well for a home study or library, or any space where you want some added style along with that needed privacy.

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